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Don't you just love todays generation of new porn whores. These are the girls that grew up wanting to be porn stars. Fucking like crazy in high school, giving blow bangs and gangbangs to their guys friends after school. Annette told us this wasn't her first time with many guys at once. "Sometimes parties get out of control and I end up fucking like 10 guys", she said. What a slut. Perfect for!
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A Feature Site - CoverMyFace
We told Missy Monroe that we had ten guys ready to cover her face but she just upset and wanted more. We managed to get 29 guys - even some from right off the street ready to blowbang and cum plaster her sweet eyes. What a crazy girl, we love her.
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CoverMyFace isn't your typical group sex site. It features ONE girl getting the cum dumpster treatment by 10-30 guys at once. This site features girls who don't think one load of cum is enough. They want the whole football team. Sometimes they bring along a girlfriend to lick all the cum off her face. Watch these girls get load after load plastered all over their cute little faces.
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British tart, Alicia Rhodes is a big face of facials and cum swallowing. We love to listen to her talk dirty with her sexy accent too, shes so nasty. We gave her ten guys to suck and gag on. See how rough they get with her and her loving every minute of it. CoverMyFace has loads of high definition movies to download.
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